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Friday, 22 June 2012

Memphis full of surprises ... Really!

Last night started really well with the coolest art motorbikes being driven n displayed in Beale St. Then we put our 'feet 10 ft off of Beale' n went to BBKings place Itta Bena for great cocktails Mint Julips and some southern fare.
Then the story gets slightly interesting. Picked up by Liz's friend Sandy in her big Lincoln 4 wheel drive and take a former scenic rte back home which is now impoverished Vance Avenue. While chatting away about the beautiful historic neighbourhood we heard a loud thump on the side of the SUV. Thinking it was just a stone we laughed it off and went on home.
Once we arrived we curiously stepped out walked over to the drivers side to look for the dent made by the stone. Surprisingly we noticed that it was in fact a dent made by a bullet.
Immediately, please do not worry we are all fine n believe it was a stray one from a distance. Liz a native of Memphis reassured me that she had never witnessed anything like it before but likes to say we were involved in a 'drive by shooting' to add it to our list of interesting unique life experiences!

Today was extraordinary, firstly seeing the mighty Mississippi and over to Arkansas on the other side, then visiting the National civil rights museum or more known as the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King was assinated in 1968.
Drove past Graceland which is already celebrating his 35th anniversary of his death but his presence is everywhere in Memphis and not just there.
Peabody Hotel oldest in Memphis with ducks yes real ones that swim in a beautiful ornate fountain in the lobby!
Taken to hip local neighbourhood called Cooper - Young where we even brushed past some Hollywood movie moguls.
Finished sipping drinks under the stars and listening to grasshoppers (not the band) chirping away.

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