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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Film & Music Production Testing at Walton Film Studios!

The GoPro Hero2 arrived from California last week and been reading up ever since on the xtreme sport essential - I will not be beaten on the techie jargon - can't be that difficult for even me!   
Today took the 1st few test video footages, first on my bicycle along the river, and then using definately the wrong fitting on the Bonnie - this is definately going to take time to get sorted ...
I've taken about 5 hours trying to download some footage no luck .. sorry!

So I'll post and talk about some EXCEPTIONAL stuff ... MUSIC !
I'm priviledged to know an incredible person who has created a 3 Albumn Masterpiece for my trip choosing specific tracks fitting for the East, South and West parts of the adventure entitled -
The East Bonneville Go or Bust - Part 1
The South Bonneville Go or Bust - Part 2
The West Boneville Go or Bust - Part 3

I was astounded - the music is incredible - the journey begins with Sinatra's Come Fly with Me, from Steppenworlf's "Born to be Wild", Nilsson's "The Lord Must be in New York City", Dixie Chicken by Little Feet , "Crazy 'bout an Automobile" by Ry Cooder (who found the Cuban Buena Vista musicians), "Moving on Up", Curtis Mayfield and including of course Route 66 and the Rolling Stones version which has to be the best going on to Californian music with a bit of Beach Boys and even the last track being "The next plane to London" from The Rose Garden - I'll try and find a way of trying to post some of this music ...
 and Amazing Album covers epitomizing the ecletic crazy ideas of the trip -

p.s. I've just written the title and didn't realize that Walton actually was a famous film production site at the turn of the 20th century

Saturday, 10 March 2012

They've gotta be R. Soles !

Ever since I moved back to London, I've always loved an extra cool shop on the Kings Road and some time ago bought a pair of their amazing boots.  The idea of taking a new pair with me on the trip - gorgeous, luxury, soft Mexican leather, beautifully crafted with unique designs seen on the international cat walks, has definately been on the list of "luxury" items to take but totally unrealistic.  But today I biked down there, talked about what I was going to do and said that the one pair of boots I want to take on the road trip is a pair of R.Soles.
Well unbelievably, Paul the R.Soles Manager couldn't have been more accommodating and agreed to "help" saying with a smile ...
"Great boots, great name, great fit for a great trip!" ...
and you know what ?  The exact ones I wanted, the Eagle inlay biker boots, were there for me in the right colour and size - unbelievable or made to be ?
These will be my bike boots for the trip ... wow !

Sunday, 4 March 2012

And for a real trip, Gotta have a sponsor or two !

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to tie up a couple of really cool and prestigious supporters to the trip which makes me feel good. They definitely needed to be British to go with me and my bike! Even posted them and hot linked them to my homepage below!
Wanted to find a really new, cool, cutting edge designer which compliments the freedom of the trip. Oily Rag Clothing is a British company that loves the feel, ride, look and smell of old motorcycles. British bikes are their first love (which fits well with my Triumph Bonneville) but if its old and has an engine with oil in it then they still love it! Love the cafe racing and 50’s and 60’s shirt designs.
“Your trip will be fantastic, we were actually thinking of riding across the states this year too.!”, says David
So there you go, I’ll be wearing some cool t-shirts ... /

Then amazingly, Dave from Triumph / Dave Lilley replies -
“Great to hear your trips a goer! We can certainly help/advise on basic maintenance & may be able to arrange for a tech to show you. Let me know when you are around”. (oh that will be chain obviously ha ha!) /
Thank you.

p.s. and obviously I'm not saying no to any cool, boho jeans, boots etc. who want to travel with me !