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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Take a risk .... and gamble ... or play it safe ...

I'm only too conscious that time is flying away and I'm making no massive dent into getting the money for the trip.  Everything hinges at the moment on keeping the "MIRACLE" tenant who is paying good cash but knowing he may move out at anytime! 
And Jesus, I've just had to pay another mega bill in paying for a new fridge after the old 80's one gave up the ghost last week!  And then I've got to find money to repair the kitchen walls before the fridge is fitted and oh yes, I had to pay for an unexpected drainage bill last week - everything now is in 3 digits to get anything done - not anymore a couple of quid but always more than 100 quid !  How do people survive with the unexpected!  But I promise to myself that I will not touch the hard earned money for THE TRIP!

OK - so I made a big decision this week in making life just a little bit exciting and endeavouring to make a bit of money! 

I haven't mentioned this yet, but I love horses and I had an almost unbelievable and incredible adventure with historic flat racing  "Sea The Stars" racehorse a couple of years ago in betting on every race he won - which was everything from the 2000 Guineas to the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Luck, destiny or being in the right place at the right time - an incredible season and no horse has ever come close to him .... except maybe for Zenyatta in the USA who unfortunately didn't win the US Breeders Cup last year ... but came a very close 2nd - I became too confident and from what I'd done before, thought she'd automatically win her 20 races but nothing is ever sure and she didn't ! 
So I stopped speculating but hey the US Breeders Cup is coming up again and the ante-post on the favorite this year was just too tempting ... not a lot but look out for "So You Think" currently trained by Aidan O'Brien.  This might just help to pay the bills :)

My next predicament is when do I take the courage to speak to my bosses when I feel I may have a chance with the money to fund the trip (probably won't know until the end of this year if I have the majority of the money I need).
A good piece of advice from a friend today ... don't conclude or worry about the outcome when it could be totally what you want to hear !  So does this mean my company will agree to giving me a 6 week "absence of leave" ?  Only time will tell ...

Then I'm thinking of getting sponsorship money - why not contact  my lcoal Triumph dealer where my Bonnie was originally bought from - would they be interested in having a link here or being branded on the bike - oh, I don't know ... maybe, maybe not ... don't know until you try ...