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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dreams can come true ...

Exciting and amazing news. 
This time last year while writing the book I also started dreaming and thinking of a cover, different from anything I'd ever seen to create excitement, and one that I would cherish.  So I started designing the unique concept with just a little help from a creative genius, Paul.  This summer when the manuscript was accepted, I also nervously submitted the cover never thinking in a month of sundays that the publisher would even consider it. 
The outcome, once again, was magical and surreal.  A definitive yes!  Mike from Road Dog Publications loves it and is going to use it!  So here it is.  You're the first to see it and I'll let you into a secret and tell you a little more about it .....

I wanted to create mystery and intrigue for the reader and get them interested to turn to the back cover or turn the pages to find out what this was all about.  Best not to give too much away. Believe it or not, this cover photograph of Monument Valley, Utah was taken with my iPhone.  Amazing quality! And just above my name you can probaly just about see dust coming up from a solo bike wizzing past which just had to be added!

The image "Go or Bust" is actually an idea I saw in Santa Barbara.  Old American number plates cut and put together to form a phrase.  So we created this - the story starts from left in Massachussets and goes across the different states showing the adventures with even the bullet hole above the "R" and the guitar in Memphis!  Now that's a story!  And all the way over to surfing California.

And of course, the infamous heart and wings (from my belt buckle I wore throughout the trip) representing the determination, freedom, passion and bravery of the whole trip.  A small English rose is just below the ribbon tied round the heart, like a road itself, with the words 'on the roads less traveled'. 

So there you have it.  A dream book cover which I'll soon be able to hold in my own two hands.