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Sunday, 15 September 2013

US Publisher takes the book on! 'Bonneville Go or Bust'

The last few months have been a rollercoaster and a half with its own highs and lows! 

Following my visit to the London Book Fair in April and sending proposals to a number of British publishers I’d carefully selected, but being constantly rejected, I tirelessly continued fine tuning the whole manuscript.  But I knew I needed some help. 

Twitter has recently had bad press but it’s thanks to it that I was introduced to an amazing, inspirational and like minded person – Ben Westwood – who has written his own successful travel books - Rough Guides to South America, Moon Handbooks on Trips of a lifetime, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands & also writes travel reviews for some of Britain's national papers. But it would be the first time he’d help with copy editing someone else’s book – I liked that - pioneering the project together. Back in April, I remember Ben saying the ‘project’ sounded interesting and as one of his favourite books was ‘Travels with Charley’ it seemed like a good omen.  So for the next 3 months we tirelessly focused to get it ready for final submission to a publisher – if ever that would happen!

I was seriously starting to think that to get the story out the only route would probably be self-publishing which I was ready to do but I wanted to hold out for just a bit longer.

And then a totally unforeseen turn of events happens which proves that sometimes the destiny of our lives is not totally controlled by ourselves.  It gives us another choice on which road to take.

Towards the end of May, just a few days after my transatlantic interview with Brent Miller, I’m contacted directly by a real life American publisher who had tuned into the interview.  He’s genuinly interested in the story believing it has a unique slant.

I slowly gulp in this delicious fact not quite believing this is happening to me. 

We agree that I’ll submit the manuscript towards the end of June after all the tweaking has been done here in London. 

Ironically on the 4th July!, I receive a monumental email –

“thanks for your manuscript.  I took the last 2 and a half days and read it cover to cover ... it’s a good fit and I would be happy to work with you in North America for getting it out to the public”    
Heavenly words.

These words and belief are from Mike Fitterling, publisher of Road Dog Publications, and well known and respected person within the American travel and biking world.  His aim and tireless passion is to introduce new and exciting slants on travel and adventure books that are not simple technical manuals or turn-by-turn travel guides but instead books about the unique experiences and life lessons that the writer has given to himself and now passing onto the reader.  A true like minded pioneer in finding new opportunities out there.

We’ve only just this week finally completed the agreement, amusingly on Friday 13th!,  so a lot more news will be coming from me very soon ...     Maybe all those self determined, solitary months this time last year until the beginning of this year to write it all down has finally paid off ....  
Thank you all for your support along the way.