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Monday, 14 July 2014

World Book Launch at Triumph Live, TV interview and press coverage - it's happening ...

Hello dear friends
I can't actually take it all in!
The journey of life's adventures with 'Bonneville Go or Bust' just keeps going and I'm loving it.
So just an update ... this time last year I'd only just got the book signed up by Road Dog Publications USA and just 6 weeks ago the book was launched over in the USA with the official launch here at the weekend 12 July at the National Heritage Grounds, Warwickshire  at the mega summer festival Triumph Live 2014 where they expected in excess of 10 000 people!
Yes, Triumph Live 2014!

Dave at Jack Lilley Triumph invited me to join them on their stand for the book signing, they'd ordered the books and we were ready to go get this show on the road.  More than I could have expected - the book actually sold, people actually asked me to sign it and people actually congratulated me on the achievement and even wanted photos taken with me!  I was truly humbled. 
And then to top it all, I was asked onto the main stage to be interviewed by motorbike race legend Jamie Whitham who had won the British Championship twice - what an honour. But just a little bit nervous. The guys at Triumph UK couldn't have been more hospitable to me - thank you!
Amazingly, we were in luck, the sun shone brightly for that one day only before it poured down the next!
I think the pictures will speak for themselves.  Thank you everyone on that day for all your support.

In addition to all that, just one week before this mega life experience I was invited for a confidential photo-shoot with a world leading publication which is a legend in itself but more will be revealed on that story at a later date!  I had to sign an NDA!

The press have also had a field day covering the book - articles in prestigious Wanderlust who also asked me to do an online article for them on a guide for long distance packing (link below), the funky Back Street Heroes Mag, respected adventure travel Overland Magazine and the newly launched MotorBikeRider digital magazine (link below).

Being interviewed by Jamie Whitham at Triumph Live on the big screens and main stage

One of the first signings on that sunny day!
 A smiling customer

 A smiling me on the Arnie Terminator bike again


The infamous character Dave Lilley
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I also finally succumbed to getting a facebook page - look me up on Bonneville Go or Bust by Zoe Cano (book)