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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I touched the Tail of the Dragon!

Asheville, NC via Moonshiner 28, Tail of the Dragon 129 and Cherohala Skyway to Nashville, TN - 384 miles.
The days seem to be melting into one another and unless I keep my brain in synch with this blogging you may hear of something I'll be doing next week!
Ok so weather forecasts were thundery showers which didn't bode well for what I thought would be a long trip but in reality a hell of a lot longer than you can imagine! Probably because for a large part round the deadly bends didn't rev up to much more above 20mph - honest!
Firstly I learnt why The Smoky Mountains are named this - almost as though they were creating a stage show just for me when I drove through - the mist was thick and yea did just look like smoke billowing from the mountains. Clocked up about 100 miles before jumping onto Moonshiner route following the lakes with the roads starting to increase with bends and difficult turns - what was I letting myself into and i'd chosen to do it!
Then entered into Deals Gap and the challenging Tail of the Dragon - 318 curves in 11 miles of desolate Smoky Mountain asphalt - everyone says there's no other road that even matches it and boy were they right - thank god I didn't have any bikers behind or infront of me - got over the Tennessee border and decided to turn back and retrace and get outta there quick! Phew no skid mark souvenirs on the road only a T shirt seen it done it but never again!
Drove over the Cherohaka Skyway which is a famous film shoot location for car manufacturers showing the ideal drive bla bla bla. Little did I know but I still had about 200 miles to do in entering Tennessee and strangely the weather immediately turned a lot lot hotter - having to drive in the 90's with no shade or respite from the trucks racing to overtake was not nice but I had to get to my destination - Nashville.
After almost 9 hours on the road finally turned up to lovely hotel Indigo in downtown Union St but not before getting a bit lost and as usual asking for directions .
And guess what I didn't need to hear, they had taken the wrong dates and I had no booking s....t is all I could say and fully booked tomorrow - I stood my ground and insisted they find me a room which I finally got but didn't need the stress
and may still need to check out tomorrow and find another hotel.
So to compensate went for a big steak at incredible old stock yards restaurant and thought how lucky I was at least not going hungry even tho I may have nowhere to stay tomorrow:) que sera sera ...

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