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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Boston, Ma to Front Royal,Va - 520 miles

Before the trip started met up with amazing @mvelazquez57 my twitter buddie who is planning her own trip on a Bonnie to Central America the week after - fab.
Day 1 - oh boy if I knew what was coming I may have delayed by a day - left Waltham, Ma around 6.30am and quickly made time along the Mass Turnpike, south down rte 395 to catch rte 95 along the east coast. Reached Manhattan n George Washington bridge with glorious views over the Hudson on this scary double decker bridge. Then I get into NJ and the heavens open up ... For more than 100 miles I'm having to ride thru the heaviest rain ever with the American mega trucks coming down on me - not good!
Amazing but for that whole 330 miles to Williamsburg only saw about 3 other bikers! Where are they? Finally soaked and exhausted after 8 hrs which should have taken 6 due to stopping to shelter arrived at the Sheraton and guess what? No not a cocktail but in the laundry room washing all my clothes! Everyone really kind, friendly n helpful and everyone with a story to tell. I crashed thinking I dealt with the most difficult day - ha ha!
Day 2 - another early start but wonder of wonders I open the curtains n bright blue skies. The storm has passed thank god. Pack and say bye to Wilmington a busy apparently fairly dangerous place which at least gave me comfort during the storm. Immediately the roads seem less congested and the first half is really nice riding in the sun and stopping for a good coffee in Chesapeake Bay.... And on I go approaching Washington DC but not realising how complex the road system is ... Finally by pure chance met 2 police in their car - had a long chat about this and that and their written directions were crucial in finding Rte 66 - no not that Rte 66! to Virginia and Front Royal - great the roads got smaller and smaller untilI rolled up to a nice little Quality Inn spending the rest of the day walking down the 1 street of the place which is pretty quirky and lazing by the pool. Life is funny - talked to guys doing a 6 month hike along The Appalachians which sounds amazing but they were jealous about hearing my story! All relative I guess. Already done over 500 miles so better sort oiling the chain a bit tonight with maybe a drink with the hikers in a Blues live music bar we'll see as may just crash.

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