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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dead cats, raccoons, fireworks and yippee!

Hot Springs, Ar to Okmulgee, OK - 272 miles
Sheri from lovely 1890 Williams House got up early for my 730 departure and russled up this amazing blueberry n walnut cake n delich pastry less egg n bacon quiche so I wouldn't go hungry/ thank you!
The initial part of the trip was lovely driving early in the morning thru green n leafy Oachita National Park / Talimena Rte 7 - beautiful little farmhouses, cute stores and lots of lively windy roads - brum brum!
I decided to continue taking the back roads and another great one ran parallel to r40 where there continued to be numerous what looked like circus tents selling fireworks leading up to 4 July. Unfortunately raccoons and kitty cats seemed to be unsafe crossing the roads but I did amazingly see a little turtle crossing the road and little piglets for sale on the roadside. I later saw native Indians had made leg gear with turtle shells filled with little beads to dance with!
Anyway, once again gas stations were sparse when I got finally onto Rte40 and had to again make slight 10 mile diversions anyway not a problem if you're careful and over estimate when you need to fill up. Particularly as my tank only takes about 120 miles worth.
Finally drove into Okmulgee for the annual Muscogee native Indian festival and rodeo - yippee!
What an incredible sight and so glad I'd deviated on this part of the trip.
Horses, horses, horses everywhere and incredible atmosphere in the stadium from barrel racing, calf tying, buckeroos on horses and bulls and parades ... Oh yes and lots of cowboys! :)
Can you believe it but The Temptations and Gladys Knight also performed! What a mix of entertainment primarily organised for the native Indians known here as the Muscogees.

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