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Saturday, 16 June 2012

I'll take the low route to music Meccas

Day 4 -Fri 15 June Roanoke, Va to Galax, Va via Floyd 112 miles

No mobile reception here so will try and post tomorrow. Again, wow what a start - presumed it would be easy to leave Roanoke and get back onto blue ridge parkway but did an extra 30 miles out of my way by missing entry so turned back on a busy dual carriageway. And thank goodness I did as I then took the alternative route 211 along the bottom of the hills and what joy! This really is the start of one of the 'lesser roads travelled' which I'm hoping to discover. And it didn't disappoint.
What a beautiful road which goes through the older suburbs of the town and out into the open countryside of rolling hills and green meadows with the hay already rolled across the farmlands.
And of course, we're now in the bible belt with churches from the size of small homes to mega structures all over the place - they're everywhere.
A true photographers paradise - everywhere there was a photo opportunity of quirky subjects; petrol garage with horses and cows painted on the walls, whole families sitting in their front gardens with all their belongings waiting for 'trade' - where? I don't know!, arriving at a gas station and someone had just run off without paying so a slight delay as they chased after them, an old farmer in a truck who was looking to get a triumph, big toy deer standing in people's gardens .
1st music Mecca stopped at is the little town of Floyd which has music festivals of the local blues music - apparently musicians abound in this whole area of the BRM.
Then southbound again to Galax - there were 2 reasons for wanting to visit this place.
Firstly it's the home of the famous Rex Theatre that still broadcasts live radio shows on a Friday night of blue ridge country blues music and Drive n Rock Festival of vintage cars n bikes.
I'm starting to see that even the small towns are pretty big so asking for directions is coming the norm.
Arrived at The Doctors Inn, a true Southern Belle of a place - rocking chairs on a beautiful porch overlooking the gardens sipping iced tea.
Again, everyone had a story to tell about their lives with such spontaneity n emotion - then walked into town for wow what an experience!
People from all over drove into town with exceptional examples of classic and zapped up cars as well as bikers who had built their own from scratch.

I really feel like I'm somewhere else now when I entered the historic Rex Theatre - for just 5 bux I was transported to pure music joy from the Blue Ridge Mountains - beautiful. The 2nd band amazing n the bassist only 15! Even the seats were made so you could rock in them to the music!

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