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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Let's make a record but only with Elvis

Nashville, TN - zero miles / 1 000 000 notes n lyrics ...
Room right next to the elevator so heard the late ones n the early risers but didn't matter that much as I'm so excited to be here n experience a millisecond of what this city is so famous for - Music!
Walked,walked and walked but the heat in the 90's started giving me hallucinations seeing clouds floating over buildings:).
Strolling over Cumberland river/Shelby bridge showed incredible views with an amazing floating city of coal cruising by.
Nashville really is the music capital with places open 24/7 playing live music with the sound floating out onto the streets. Popped into several to chill n listen to the incredible talent n groove.
But the highlight on the music route had to be getting limited access to the historic RCA Studio B where Elvis alone recorded more the 50% of his tracks - he loved the place! If you close your eyes you can almost imagine them there; Dolly Parton arriving a bit breathlessly after a fender bender, Elvis strolling in way past midnight & making his way round the room to greet everyone; Jim Reeves always in smart suit, Roy Orbison & so many more. Even played on Elvis's piano in the recording studio.
Architecture again is outstanding here with the Country Music Hall of Fame epitomising creativity along a theme - the windows on the front of the building resemble black piano keys, the giant sweeping arch on the right side of the bldg portrays a 1950's Cadillac fin, from overhead the bldg resembles the shape of a bass clef with the Rotunda Hall of Fame recalling the water towers n silos found in rural settings, etc, etc .
And tonight the highlight has gotta be The Grand Ole Opry - the place that made country music famous dating back to 1925. Incredible eclectic top class performers, strange but i felt privileged to be in this mecca of so much music history. Loved Thomas Rhett, Lee Brice n Justin Lynch - made great friends from S Carolina who knew Lee!

And it was just too tempting not to get onto another stage and blast a song;)

Good news I can stay @indigo for another night - didn't want to stay in a bar with cowboys all night!

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