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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Getting my kicks on Route 66 ...

Oklahoma City,OK to Amarillo,TX - 267 miles.
Bright clear blue skies at 6am which meant I was impatient to get on the road. Said farewells to my friends at Rusty Gables and almost immediately got into Route 40 W heading out of Oklahoma towards Texas.
The heat was already starting to become unbearable and twice I stopped to wear even less - at one stage I felt the truckers were getting too much of an eyeful so I hastily stopped and put on a 'proper' layer,)
As soon as Bonnie and I got over into Texas the land just opened up to almost infinity being dry and barren - a hard life here I would imagine for farmers.
This is the 2nd time on the trip that I got seriously worried about finding a gas station - they were just not that apparent and at one stage was running on my reserve praying I'd see a sign!
And low and behold one appeared when I was giving up hope. Thank you oh star of Texas!
Officially since leaving OKC I'd been tracing or running parrallel to The Mother Road Route 66 and although tempted to stop along the way, I persevered under the heat and arrived at my first R66 attraction, the place I would stay overnight - the Amarillo Horse Motel (where cowboys come with their horses and keep them stabled right next to their rooms!) and the Big Texan Steak House famous for serving the largest quantities of meat anywhere! In fact if you could eat their 72oz steak within an hour it was all yours for free!
And to take in the full feel of the west my visit to Amarillo wouldnt be complete without going to see the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum which is basically the foundation for all
competitive and working quarter horses here in the US - fascinating of you like that kind of thing which I do!
I'm now feasted out with steak and once again looking at maps and best route for tomorrows new adventure!

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