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Friday, 15 June 2012

Driving through the heavens!

Front Royal, Va to Roanoke, Va - 221 miles.
Set out as the sun rose about 6.30 and so glad I did to see everything else wake up enroute. Grabbed what I can only say is a jaw dropping incredible Skyline Drive within the Shenandoah National Park 112 miles of the most windy slopping inclining roads ever - not for the faint hearted and couldn't do much more than 30mph max! But the most amazing smooth Tarmac ever!
Deer, rabbits, squirrels all crossing the road so extra caution but honestly I only saw 1 other vehicle on the whole route! Yes, that's what I thought impossible anywhere in Europe. Mist rose from the hills and the skies were blue but got colder as I climbed in altitude.
At 10.30 approx after 4 hours immediately entered The Blue Park Ridgeway - yes amazing with similar scenery but although more famous the roads were not so good - as they say in London 'a lot of pot holes!'
A tiny bit more traffic like half a dozen vehicles the whole way - felt like royalty that they'd opened it all up just for me.
Also tested the GoPro - we'll see about that later.
After 8 hours of sublime but testy driving arrived in the bigger than expected Roanoke.
Almost have a heart attack as I thought I'd been conned in paying for room in advance - arrive at address and nothing there! It's just a ice cream parlour! Help well call the number and stupidly is same number but on south of street! Why god knows!
The inn on Campbell - beautiful and a feel already of Southern style and comfort.
Ok time to hit town and get some good food.

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