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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Up with the larks and Round em horses up !

Dead Horse Point, UT and The Arches, UT - 243 miles
Excited or what! I wanted at least on one morning see the sunrise on something spectacular - I chose Dead Horse Point about an hours drive out of Moab. Fascinating stories and anyone interested should pick up the same book I'm reading called'Last of the Robbers Roost Outlaws Moab's Bill Tibbetts' by Tom McCourt. Certainly puts you in the feel of what used to happen out here - interesting to say the least.
Wicked Brew in Moab opens at 6 and serves coffee to die for plus amazing banana and pecan muffins for that extra but of energy which I know I'll need on those steep and windy roads.
Quickly get out of town just after 6 and climb climb climb to the point of no return overlooking the most incredible. view to Canyonlands - the story goes that wild mustangs would be chased and rounded up to this point high over the Canyonlands and the Colorado River valley with no where else to go so prize wild horses were for the taking for those brave few.
Couldn't resist on my way back to just get a taster for famous The Arches and bought a great day pass for the bike for just 5 bucks! Incredible, that wouldn't even get you across London for that price!
Realised the distances in the park and as ever the rapidly declining fuel tank so turned around after about 10 miles.
Lunched in the exquisite award winning hotel on the Colorado Rivet and then thought another adventure was in store.
Geared up the bike and rode a couple of miles north into The Arches Nation Park. Although it only appeared to. be about 40 miles round the park it wasn't mentioned that to actually view the handful of Arches you had to then walk, hike whatever quite a distance. You can imagine I was bike attired and it was hot so walking uphill in the heat was not particularly enjoyable - but hey the views were great!
Spoke with a couple of really cool bikers from California and Arizona who already discussed tips on the future route over the Sierra Nevada - thanks!
What I thought would be a casual little ride turned out to be about 4 hours - got back around 8 and just plunged into the pool for sanity's sake!

To top it all I can't believe it, saw the sun rise and then eating out under the stars saw the big fat full moon rise over the blackened hills - wow what a day!

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