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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kayaking across Crowley Lake but beware of Pelican Crossing!

A day of rest or at least no long distance driving just exploring the beautiful area here.
The High Sierra Nevada is wonderful - full of mountain roads leading to isolated lakes of exquisite beauty.
But this morning i was adamant to do a little bit of exercise - like almost 3 hours of it kayaking around and across beautiful Crowley Lake (a natural reservoir for LA) ! - watching the seagulls come in and the masses of pelicans bombing down onto the lake.
Drove also up to Convict Lake another beautiful place close by between the
mountain ranges.
Weather perfect - warm, some breeze and no humidity - was even too badly tempted today and drove California style with cut trousers and trainers - what would they think back at home :)!
There really is a true California feel here even if I'm still away from the 'West Coast' vibe - can't explain it but I know I'm here at last on the west side of the country.
This beautiful place called Rainbow Tarns, 7000 ft high in the High Sierra, watching in a hammock this evening an orchestrated dance of bats swooping down and skimming the surface of the tarns next to the house in the coming of night - and what a spectacular sunset - greens, blues, oranges, reds everything under the setting sun ...
Drinks in the evening too with the hosts and their lovely half welsh, half Australian sheepdog who I'm told has a 6th sense, telling stories of bears coming down into the gardens looking for apples in their trees - I think I'll lock my door tonight and put any food in the kitchen fridge ;)
Air so clean and silence, besides the sound of the bubbling flow of water into the tarns, at night wonderful. Why is time going by so quickly? A phenomena I've never truly understood when other moments in life can go by so painfully slow. I feel I just want to grasp and retain every single memory of what has been experienced so far and put it in a 'life' bottle - and pour it out whenever I wanted to see and feel all those amazing, positive experiences again.

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