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Sunday, 8 July 2012

A true Eureka moment! Wake up and smell the coffee!

Ely, NV to Eureka, NV - 78 miles / Sunday day of rest & short trip!
A great slap up breakfast with my
'Harley Heros' before we wave each other off leaving in opposite directions.
They'd warned me that this part of R50 has long roads but also elevations up to 6500' with a lot of bends - true but this morning I was chilled and knew I had enough gas to get to my next destination.
Another reason I love biking out in the open landscapes is that you smell the wonderful clean air, flowers, trees, coming rain, parched and burnt grasses, forest fires (yes I smelt those going thru Colorado and Utah which have been ravaged) and smells of the countryside which are hidden away from you in a car. This morning was no exception - clear clean breezy air, the smell of pine trees ... wonderful.
Even drove for a short while on the long stretch with my hands off the handles just to see what it felt like - quick deceleration but fun!
Ironically R50 which is supposed to be the Loneliest Road in America, running parallel to the Pony Express Trail (more on that tomorrow) probably had more traffic on it than most other roads I'd been on - OK not at UK congestion level but maybe 20 to 30 vehicles along the couple of hours route;)!
Eureka is literally just 1 main road with beautiful, historic buildings including an Opera House - yes you heard it right!
Unfortunately the beautiful hotel next to it has been empty they say for about 10 years and apparently the owners who have the other hotel in town are wanting to sell it for a lot- so currently no takers!
Incredible but true, I've been given the keys to my own place which I call Little House on the Prairie - the owner doesnt live in this lovely house and no one staying in the other room so I have the whole place and garden overlooking from a hill onto the little town. I might even cook something with a beer or 2 tonight instead of going out or getting a take out.
Which reminds me, the food grocers shop is something else - lining the walls over the food aisles are the most incredibly sized hunted heads of all forms of game - deer, elk, bear etc.!
Architecturally this is another place which captures your imagination for great photographs ...
And ... wonderful silence sitting in the garden (with the vegetable plots!) and looking over the Nevada hills and amazing landscapes. I never, never take anything for granted - each day is special but sometimes some are better than others. Every single day these past few weeks have been very special.
Been told to bring the potted plants in from the porch at night or the deer will eat them!

note - trip mileage exceeded the 4 000 miles going through Bonneville yesterday ...! Good place to remember that.

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