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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Trekking into the John Muir Wilderness

From the base near Crowley Lake found a wilderness outfit taking horses out from McGee Creek Pack Station for whole day. Pack Stations were used in the last century to transport goods over the Sierra Nevada by mule - some of these trails still exist and go into the back of beyond. Fortunate as once again I'd chosen a time when it was only me and the lead horse going out. Spectacular canyon and mountain riding, finally finishing about 8000ft up next to a lake made by beavers - their lodge was in the middle of the lake which was once a river and they'd made a massive dam to stop the flow of the water - amazing also to see trees around the water side which had literally been gnawed away ready for them to take to the water home lodge.
The weather is also changing, apparently a monsoon flow from the Gulf of Mexico creating rain, and I wouldn't say another storm front, but the sky's clouded over and definitely looks like it will rain but hopefully not when I go over the Tioga Pass tomorrow!

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