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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lost hat in Mexican Hat ....

Mexican Hat, UT to Moab,UT - 142 miles - Rte 191
Ready to rock n roll at 6 to get a Mexican Quesadilla at the cafe next door and head on out - but the head was the problem cos couldn't find my helmet- where could it be?
Searched high and low and even imagined wearing my bandana for the rest of the trip but reality took the better and realised had left in the reception which was now locked up as everyone was still asleep OK Mr Mannering don't panic, I'll have bkft and call them - thank heaven for mobile phones! Phew yes they'd open the front door for when I get back and voila I had my helmet back.
Back on the road it was cool and clouds covered the sky - got my first glimpse of the Mexican Hat Rock , a real phenomena of a small rock delicately balancing on top of a larger one - must have been like that for thousands if years.
Again phenomenal (I'll use that word a lot now!) landscapes through the red rock valleys and then into blue and grey rock valleys a mega change within just a few miles.
Travelled swiftly into Moab, an adventurers and extreme sports capital
which lies besides the Colorado River.
Desperately needed something to protect my hands which are slowly getting fried- got a light pair of bikers summer gloves which I'll cut the fingers off as only need to protect the upper side of the hands which are exposed when driving.
Practicalities aside drove along the Colorado River to next destination - beautiful and good enough now to stay for the next couple of days. This has to be one of the best places ever - more follows...

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