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Monday, 16 July 2012

Not sur to see Big Sur!

Carmel,Ca to Santa Barbara,Ca - 240 miles
Left incredibly early on a cold, cold and drizzly morning having to even put on my thick leather jacket and waterproof trousers - whole outfit not worn since the first day of the trip!
Started driving down famous Rte1 thinking I could film on GoPro and even stop at one of the secret beaches recommended - but no go - the visibility was horrendous and pretty scary round those tight bends - another of those days when driving just wasn't fun - and I can name about 3 others on this trip - just wanted to keep driving and my hands were freezing stupidly not having put gloves on which were stored away.
Beautiful beautiful majestic mountains and cliffs tumbling down to the sea below and bone shaking corners all the time which meant had to use my concentration all the time - tiring!
Stopped by the Hearst Castle to see enormous sea whales coming onto the beach with a crowd of people who had already gathered. I was more concerned about getting away from the cold weather and getting hopefully soon into warmer Californian climes.
First sign of this was getting into San Luis Opispo which already showed signs of Californian Spanish architecture and glorious sandy beaches with Sunday trippers heading out that way with their surf boards and beach attire.
Left R1 and into 101 directly into Santa Barbara.
What a trip -! That R1 from Carmel thru Big Sur is difficult and certainly not for the faint hearted.
Now a day of r&r at seafront Hotel Oceana .... I can't believe I'm almost at the end of this incredible trip which has already clicked up more than 5 500 miles!

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