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Monday, 2 July 2012

Ships and Monuments on the skyline..

Durango, CO to Mexican Hat, UT via Shiprock NM, 4 States Corner NM/UT/CO/AR and Monument Valley,UT - 240 miles
Oh boy just reading that impresses even me - this was the one day before all else that I had waited to experience for so very long and was I disappointed? You must be kidding it was A mazin!
Left around 6ish with the route approximately prepped with unknown routes to take and also to avoid the heat later. Beautiful green Colorado got increasingly dry and arid the nearer II got to the New Mexico border - so quickly another world with the farmlands smaller and looking a little worse for wear unlike their Colorado neighbours. Did see some lovely Hereford specimens though!
Headed to Shiprock thinking it was just the rock but unknown to me it was actually quite a large town where I took my first detour of the day! Yes I saw Shiprock from a distance and it was getting further away from me - again I knew that wasn't right but the signage as one native Indian told me when I asked for directions, was that the sign could quite easily have been painted over or vandalzed!
So I turned back over a dual carriageway thankfully empty and headed back into town and out on the right road. Again you could only see it from a distance but mighty impressive and an important place for Indians.
So enroute headed over to The Four Corners Reserve where all 4 states cross over - wasn't that impressive with stalls selling nicnaks but fun stretching into the 4 States.
Quickly left having paid 5 dollars to enter and headed to Monument Valley where so many films have been made and one of John Wayne's favourite places.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but the atmosphere was electric and was fortunate that again not many people. Sitting on a stool just looking over the Kats and other rocks was awe inspiring and the light on the red rocks created even more depth.
Reluctantly I left and again drove through spectacular landscapes just 30 miles to Mexican Hat for a night stop over - the place is famous for its swinging steak BBQ's - sitting out under the sky, listening to a local band and talking with the locals was a great end to an amazing jaw dropping monumental day ...

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