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Friday, 6 July 2012

Me no see!

This isn't going to be a history lesson on SLC as that can be looked up on wikipedia but with such short time just wanted to absorb the unique atmosphere here and see if it had anything quirky to offer - quite a bit actually!
SLC is big and fairly dispersed and I optimistically walked to Gilgal Garden, a mysterious vision of Thomas Battersby Child, mid 20th Century backyard mason, who created 12 original wacky pieces - think the head on the Sphinx is him!
Ok, Ive seen around the massive Temple Square complex that everyone seems to wear badges either visiting or advocating the church.
Twee is not the right word but millions must be spent on the floral gardens around The Temple Square - it all feels a little surreal n like a film set - I promise you they're looking for perfection with guys even going round plucking out the minutest weed or imperfection in the grass or borders.

Salt Lake City from what little I've seen of it seems to be a city of extremes but nothing more than the liquor laws here that only up until 2009 required bars to operate as private clubs and collect membership fees. There are still some rules you need to know - those wierd black things on bottles are required to insure a precise one and a half ounce shot and you're not allowed a double but it can be done. Places can legally serve 2 drinks at a time as long as the 2nd shot contains ice! Wierd but apparently one strategy I've been told is to ask the bartender 'I know you don't have doubles in Utah, but supposing I wanted a double, how would it work?'

On a totally opposite parrallel see street artists to die for
muralling an entire wall on the south side - cool!

More importantly coming back to the theme of this trip 'Go or Bust', things came tumbling back to reality this morning when I started having acute eye pains in the left eye - so bad I had to get a cab back to where Im staying aware of the fact that I only have a small number of contact lenses left for the trip and had just used a new pair this very morning. I was concerned that vision also appeared to be changing- help! By pure fluke I found an opticians and was immediately able to see my saviour for the day Dr Matthew Watson - news not good!
Due to the length of time wearing the lenses on the trip and probable grime from the roads I was told I had 2 corneal ulcers on the left eye and keratoconjunctivitis! This basically means I can't wear lenses for at least 5 days and had to fork out on a minuscule 3ml and I mean small bottle of eye drug for more than 100 buckeroos! But as they say money can't buy health but this time I was happy to pay! So wearing my pair of glasses to the Bonneville Flats wasn't what I'd anticipated but he's reassured me the eye will get better but caught early and in time - phewee!
But I'm not going to stop living ...
Dry not stirred Martini cocktails at the cool Che Bar to chill me out.
Hottest place to eat in town is currently Bambara - clams to die for before the main course even arrives!
Got to look after myself now before the Bonneville Flats spectacular tomorrow!

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