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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Only 3 month slot to do Tioga! Yippee ...

Lake Moab to Carmel-by-the-Sea,Ca 319 miles- yikes! (as I drink a splendid Martini cocktail)
God I love this place on the Eastern side of of the Sierra Nevada - cool but not totally civilised and still out of the way of most folk.
The ride across the famous Tioga
Pass was a more difficult ride than I had envisaged - stopped of course at the famous or locally reputed gas station before you enter to get gourmet breakfasts- and on on on to the highest altitudes envisaged this side if the mountains!
Amazing- scenery, inclines, slopes, corners, braking stops ... To die for - not quite but not enough time to take photos as was concentrating too much to avoid anything not planned! Thank goodness I left early around 6'ish to avoid all the slow camping caravans - would have taken up all the day just following them!
The rest of the 200 miles was across californian dry dry hot hot landscapes - not too enjoyable and yes I remember the worst ever incredible winds blowing across the hills and the massive lakes - quite scary had to really deaccelerate and slow down - again with the lorries not fun - just hid behind the screen and pretended I was a cafe racer:)
Oh boy, finally drove into Carmel and what a change to the rest of the trip - this is totally West Coast rich stuff and almost not reality to the rest of it! Love the change but don't know if it's the best you can get! Oh yes, cold cold cold here dropped by about at lest 20 degrees have to even buy another layer to wear - cloudy and cold yes very cold but hey got to the West Ciast and my Bonnie is still doing incredibly well.
The issue most times when I blog this across the continent is that it's very late and I've already chilled slightly - tonight is no exception drinking cool martini cocktails over the rim of the pacific ha ha but it's true!

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