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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hole in One at Pebble Beach !

Thank goodness I didn't read up too much on what I wanted to do today and one of the main reasons of coming to Carmel!
The 17 Mile Drive along the dramatic Pacific Coast with some of the most expensive properties (in the Del Monte Protected seafront forest) facing the sea and some of the world's most famous golf courses including Pebble Beach. A legendary drive!
Arrived at the Carmel Gate, cordially chatted with the guard and paid the 9.75 dollars entrance fee including a nice map of the area to give me directions.
Wow what windy roads but incredible scenary overlooking the sea at every turn. After about a casual hour and half I'd finished the loop and was heading for the exit on the Monterey side.
But all of a sudden I've got flashing lights behind me asking me to stop!
It's a police car!
I'd already been told that if happens to stop the vehicle and stay on it which I did.
Now listen to this! I was illegally driving here because I was driving a motorbike!
The guy at the gates had somehow made a mistake and let me in - no wonder I thought it strange that I saw no other bikes. He couldn't fine me because I had my entry ticket and was actually very kind - he explained that the residents had asked not to have bikes enter the Pebble Beach 17 Mile drive and residential area because they 'made too much noise!' what! But of course coaches were allowed in!
Stating he had a bike himself he kindly gave me directions to exit not knowing how long I had already been there - incredible!
Looking at the VERY small print on the lovely visitor brochure it says 'Sorry, but to help preserve the tranquil nature of our setting, motorbikes are prohibited.'
So has anyone else managed to enter the park on a bike?
So I guess you can say that I managed the impossible and in apt golfing terms achieved unknowingly a damn good 'hole in one!'
Drove down to Monterey and Cannery Row made famous by John Steinbeck and then back up to Carmel to Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch overlooking the fields and sea. A place he restored back in the 80's. Beautiful but prefer where I am at the Monte Verde Inn - they've been great and even gave me some insiders tips for the trip down through Big Sur tomorrow!
Another early start to make the most of the day ...

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I will go back to the start and read it from the beginning to learn more about your trip across America. I did a similar trip two years ago and I had a blast.

    What you said about 17 mile drive reminded me of my own experience there – I was turned away at the gate because I was on a motorcycle and I have to tell you I was pretty annoyed about it. I wrote about it here. You will see some very familiar looking pictures!