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Friday, 25 November 2011

What gives me a high ? ... Well "Flights for an Epic Journey" for a start ...

"It will be an epic journey. 
Or a.k.a. Bijoulatina's motorcycle diaries. ..."
... no not me saying this but an e-mail sent to me today from my good friend Stewart at Flight Centre who confirmed my flights to America!  The first solid commitment ...

As I'm getting back just a few weeks before the Olympics start here in London, I really needed to get the best price and make sure I could get back - still seems a long way ahead but I'm already spending that hard earned cash.
And I've still only got 50% of what I need for the trip !

Lesson for today - damn hard to earn but damn easy to spend!  So spend wisely!   

Don't want to give details yet, but everything is snowballing .... again when I'm going is key summer travel time so wanted to make sure that the "special" places I want to stay at will be available.
Couldn't believe it but hit the jackpot!
Scored 3 out of 3 this week in securing 3 incredible eclectic places in Oklahoma, Utah and California ... more to follow. 
Some of these places are so remote, small and boho or high up on the wish list of most people that leaving them any longer to book would have created a real disappointment to me.  They will really add to creating a really eclectic and diverse journey. 
OK I don't care staying in small highway cheap places for the rest of the trip but these places will be ones to remember - or maybe the smaller, more insignificant places I still need to find or spontaneously stay at will be more memorable - only time will tell.  

This therefore means that my road trip is quickly solidifying and what scares me probably most is the potential amount of mileage I'm going to have to do each day and the reliability of the Bonneville.  Don't want to do marathon day trips but will probably average between 250 - 400 miles a day.

To tell the truth, I'm actually starting to feel a bit scared on what I've now convinced myself to get into! 

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