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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Spontaneity = Saddlebags !

Spontaneity; unplanned, impromptu, natural, instinctive, suddenly feeling the need to do it...  That's what today was all about ...

It was obvious since the last couple of days that as soon as I got the word out to the handful of companies in the UK to try and source me the Bonnie through their contacts in the US that I realized it was through the same supplier in Los Angeles!   

Didn't want to waste people's time, seemed like everyone wanted a decision quickly but needed to feel I was getting the best possible deal but more importantly deal with someone who understood what I needed. 
Tim from The Lost Adventure was the guy.

And why not be spontaneous and meet up at the Motorcycle Live Exhibition at the NEC which just by coincidence (or is it ?) was happening this same weekend!  He also mentioned Jim his partner and well known motorbike journalist based in New York would be interested to interview me on what already sounded like an interesting trip - I was flattered and felt now that this trip really was maybe something special.

So today, trained it up to exotic Birmingham to confirm the trip.  Tim introduced me to the lovely Tamara at Eaglerider  

The best bit of news which made the trip up even more worthwhile,  was what she was willing to do!    I explained about wanting to use my own saddlebags.  The idea of travelling on my own with all my possessions strapped to the back of my seat in a bag doesn't totally appeal.  I would always be wondering, each time I stopped that if I left the bike for a moment would the bag be OK.   

Could they maybe put a holding frame on the sides of the bike to strap the bags on?  Guess what?   Genuinely seemed like Tamara was only too happy to please and said the (no, my!) Bonnie which would be shipped to Boston would have saddle bags put on for me at no extra cost!  That's some cool tailored service ... what a great person - maybe might even have a drink with Tamara when I get to LA.   And no, they haven't paid me to advertise them ! :). 

So the sources of how I'm getting the T100 Bonneville and getting it picked up from Boston, which has taken me more than 4 years to sort has been finalized.

Thanks to Tim, with his existing experience on travelling in the US on a Bonnie, just his honest advice with no pushy sales spiel, and very importantly helping to get the deal on the same cost East to West trip makes me feel sure I've made the right decision.

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