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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Is the trip East or West bound now ...?

I never take anything for granted until 100% confirmed.
A small, no a BIG set back yesterday!

Nothing can be done, like finalizing routes, booking flights, searching for fab exciting places to stay and visit until I had the bike and knew where I would start from!
The initial research, which took me ages last year, in sourcing where I could maybe get a T100 Bonneville had paid off.   I could now make contact immediately to try and start seeing availability and compare costs.

Something I'd never thought would be an issue - getting the bike to start the trip on the East Coast and from Boston as I thought I'd found the right contact!
This week I was told by everyone I contacted and in no uncertain way that apparently "it would be difficult, not possible and probably very expensive (yes way over my budget!) as the bike would have to be specially taken there and return fees would be added .... so why not consider an Eastbound trip! 
Hell, why not consider hiring a car and making it even easier :) !

What? ... you must be joking ! 
"Positivity, determination and not taking a No" is today's motto ...

A Westbound trip across the American continent has all the connotations to me of exploring, pioneering, adventures, going into the unknown, approaching the vast open expanses of wild landscapes and eventually arriving around the other side of the world on the Pacific coast. 

An Eastbound trip just doesn't excite me too much after so much effort - it means I'm probably travelling away from the amazing landscapes, having seen the best and just heading home ... mmmm what to do ?

Then this morning I get this email - "Good news. After speaking to the head of the rental fleet in California they've agreed to price your rental the same east to west as west to east.
As its such a long hire they have said they will make it happen."  Wow - I'm sorted!
Preparing this is a trip in itself
- yet another lesson to learn today 1) dont worry until you know the outcome - might be a lot better than you think ....!

So now I have to decide who to hire from - not mentioning names until 100% sure but I was flattered that one even wanted to post my blog on their travel site - they were also the ones who seemed genuinly interested in the adventure and that made me feel good. 

Things will all happen quickly now, even booking some of the special places will need to be done soon to ensure availability and not being disappointed .... here we go !

The secret of a good, no an amazing, trip is preparation and doing just that little bit of extra research.  There are 2 special places I'm now going to have to book very soon - all will be revealed soon ....

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