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Friday, 11 November 2011

11 11 11 .... this is where it begins ... the trip ...

A very special day .... emotional Remembrance Day but also confirmed yesterday that we're all go from my great company that I can go, go, go on the trip - better than I had ever expected ...

So here's the very, inaccurate, initial idea that has taken almost 4 years to put together.

More than 4,500 miles across more than 15 states, from New England's Atlantic Coast to the sunny Pacific Coast;  to include more importantly the most incredible and unknown biking roads across the most beautiful diverse landscapes and emotional destinations I've always wanted to visit. 

And hopefully meeting a lot of exciting, diverse friends throughout the trip; Bob and Bev in Boston, maybe Daphne in DC, friends who supplied my bike bags in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Elizabeth in Memphis, a famous Western horse trainer who travels the world and others in Malibu, California.

And to test that Bonneville (yes, I do still believe I can get one !) to what it really wants to do .... drive, drive, drive, ... be my travelling companion, taking me to amazing places, getting me out of trouble and keeping me safe. 

Just writing about it is bringing it to life and more importantly now talking to people is creating the reality that means I've got to do it !

Just wait and see what I'm going to do - it will be incredible ... 

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