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Sunday, 24 July 2011

OK, what this is all about ! ... The TRIP - "Atlantic to Pacific" using great bike routes ...

I can't believe I've been writing for the past couple of months and haven't yet discussed what the trip / route / adventure is all about. 
Having lived in the US for a couple of years in New York and then in Boston, work never gave me enough time to explore this amazing place.  Since getting a real bike and exploring places here in the UK and over to France I now know what it's like to have the wind in your hair and be free to find unknown treasures and things out of the norm.

The idea is to start on the East Coast. 
Ideally I want to start in Boston where I could shack up with some very dear friends to get used to the bike for a day or two before setting off.  Research has revealed that to hire a Triumph Bonneville in the USA is almost impossible, let alone pick it up on the East Coast and then be able to drop in off on the Pacific West Coast -  Research has been essential and sometimes very dis-spiriting with not a lot out there - the idea of taking my own bike over there is now out of the question due to costs/reliability etc etc.
I've  basically found a few options - one is an outfit based in New York with a place in L.A. where I could drop it off. 
Then by pure chance I started chatting on-line with a new outfit starting this year with Bonnevilles going across the US!  They have said that although the trips start in New York, they could get me a bike to Boston! 
But wow the cost of renting a bike like a Bonnie for a period of about 28 days is painfully expensive - again all relative - I know ! Some people I know would spend what I call a fortune just on  a couple of weeks holiday with family ... that's why I try never to compare my lot with others !  Just have to get on with it.
I haven't as yet calculated the number of miles I will do because as we will see, this is not a simple straight trip across the US on Route 66 like everyone else! 
I'm going to see the places I've always dreamed of seeing on the perfect bike!
Oh boy (that already sounds American!), I can't wait to start writing about the ideas on the first part of the trip ...

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