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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Don't Stop Me Now

Thanks to my Dad, the ever adventurous one, and who gave me the bug to explore, I've pasted over the past few months on my kitchen wall old, old 1970's National Geographic maps (with my Michelin up to date road map) that he and I used to look at and dream about travelling somewhere "unknown".
Thanks to these maps I've discovered places not even mentioned in modern travel books which I'm going to find along the way. Like Okmulgee’s in Oklahoma Annual Pionner – Pow Wow and Rodeo event in July – is that politically correct or even still happening ?

Also this weekend started putting together my “visual” list of things to get and organize.
Finally got the French Shark helmet which has lots of ventilation, a safe good choice but also cool in matt black! Mustn't forget the essentials but the secret has gotta be to pack light ..

Mmm, the lodger handed her notice in on Friday so got to go through all the stuff of getting a new one as I still need that for the budget – it will happen ..

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