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Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Heat's now on !

The heat's now on both physically and mentally ...
It's 4.30 on Sunday morning and too warm to sleep.  So let's blog.  This weekend has recorded the highest ever temperatures since records started - 30 degrees in October - something is not quite normal !

The heat's also rising, with time helplessly going by too quickly, to really know if I'm ever going to be able to do the trip in the shorter and shorter timescale.

Like horse racing (I'll come to that!) there's lots of obstacles - tenant is leaving next week so I need to find a new one quick - I'm seeing a possible new one this morning - so let's see!  Not that easy, already saw 2 last week who finally found something else - Lesson - don't get de-motivated - there must be a better solution somewhere!

I've also decided that if I'm doing this trip, I'm going to tell the bosses at the end of the year to give them enough time to digest and sort the short sabbatical away (for god's sake it's not a year I'm wanting just one and a bit month! :)).  Otherwise I'lll also have too many palpitations over Christmas thinking about it !

Oh yes, horse racing ... It's the L'Arc de Triomphe today and I'm going for "So You Think" ....
Yes I do think I can and I hope he can win too!

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