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Saturday, 22 October 2011

3rd time lucky ...or do we make our own luck ?

So I've now welcomed lodger #3 this week and just hope she stays longer than the others! 
That was a  job in itself finding someone and also whose paying a lot less than the other 2 but at least it's some money coming in for the trip - something is better than nothing.  Greed could also have stopped me but I'm now at the stage where months are running away and every little bit is good.

The bet on the Arc in Paris was a no go and didn't even come in 3rd - so not lucky on that front which makes me realize that we don't get things for nothing - you have to work for it ....

Talking about work, I received good news this week that I'll get a bit of commission on some business I generated from France for the rugby 6 Nations - Merci beaucoup ! :) 

So lesson from this - do we play the lottery and dream of winning - yes of course we can,  but we'll never have control in the outcome ...

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