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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Resounding Success! October USA Bike & Book Signing Tour with Triumph

Covering over 2 000 miles this month and kindly invited over to America by Triumph Motorcycles USA, a new story on the 'roads less travelled' through this time the Deep South - Florida, Alabama and Georgia.  And what an incredible and beautiful part of the country with so many surprises. This included official 'Bonneville Go or Bust' book signings with Triumph at the Barber Vintage Show, Birmingham, AL and with Rokstraps at Aimexpo, Orlando, FL.  At both venues the books sold out including interviews on the Ace Cafe Stage at Barber, and speaking with a number of journalists and film crews at Aimexpo!
Throughout the 2 weeks on the road, riding a Bonneville T100 kindly given by Triumph, I finally met up with Mike Fitterling, my good friend and publisher from Road Dog Publications who took on the book just this time last year and who was literally my road dog travelling companion for this amazing trip on his own Triumph T100!   Here are just some of the pictures and a few interviews recorded along the way.
Truly, lots of amazing stories - So the question is, should I start writing again? :)

Book Signing at Barber Vintage Show, Birmingham, AL on the main Triumph Stand
On the road (beach) up to Barber close to Panama City, FL
Alligator Head - yes those were for sale!
Alabama Cotton Fields

Harvest Time in Alabama
On stage at Ace Corner, Barber with host Breeann from Dime City Cycles

Robin - Moto Girl Café, Breeann - Dime City, Me & New Orleans friends on Stage overlooking Barber Race Track

Book Signing Area on Triumph Pavilion at Barber
Book Signing Area with Moto Girl Café on Ace Corner at Barber
Early morning racing on the Barber racetrack - view from the Triumph Hospitality Suite
Barber Racetrack and Barber Vintage Festival 2014
The Barber Museum - world's largest collection of classic cars and bikes
The Road Dog Motorcycle on display at Barber and for sale!
With Mr Gip (& his lawyer) and the US Ace Café Crew, Mark & Steve
Dancing with the legend Mr Gip, one of the last Blues Music Shacks in America

Invitation to view the new location of Ace Cafe USA.  Outside the Ace Café Downtown Orlando once H2O Church & the :08 Famous Club
Classic '50's Corvette - one of the collections at Ace that day that I almost drove away in!
Ace Café Orlando opening May 15 - amazing outdoor space, outbuildings, old steam manufacturing machines that will form part of the complex
Mark Wilsmore, Ace Café Founder, & team welcoming guests to view Ace Café Orlando,  What amazing space. 
Welcoming guests and Book signing on the Rok Straps stand at Aimexpo and hearing some of their stories!
Aimexpo TV Video Crew Interview

Peter Slatcoff, VP Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Association & (below) part of their collection
Meeting famous Carol & Ken Duval who've travelled the world on bikes for more than 5 years!
Checking out OctoberFest Daytona
With Mike Fitterling, Road Dog Publications, at Triumph Fun Bike Centre Motorsports, Florida who provided the bike (not this one!)
Last Shot
Handing the bike back to Fun Bike Center who kindly provided the Triumph T100                           for the 2 200 mile trip
 And here's a recent interview before I left for the USA with Kevin Lear from MotorBike Rider


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