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Monday, 5 May 2014

Book 'Bonneville Go or Bust' receiving amazing reviews

Amazon reviews

Before the official launch and book signing at  Triumph Live 14 (look on the news page),  I'm overwhelmed by the amazing reviews - makes me happy that people from all over are enjoying and getting inspired! Thank you


  1. I am going to order your book Zoe. Will you be able to sign it?

  2. Hi Gary - good to hear from you - unless you're going up to triumph-live at the National Heritage Museum Grounds on 12 July where the official book launch is taking place on the Jack Lilley Triumph stand - we should definitely meet up London way - yes of course would love to sign the book - email me - Cheers Zoe

  3. Hi Zoe -
    My wife and I are reading your book right now. Very enjoyable. We want to ask you a couple of specific questions about the windscreen that was on your rented T100:
    1) Which exact screen was that?
    2) Can you comment as to any helmet buffeting or excess turbulence it created at freeway speeds?
    We're very curious because we are planning a similar road trip, and most comments that I've been able to find on the Triumph RAT sites are nearly unanimous in saying that trying to ride at speed with with Triumph screens creates unbearable turbulence and vibrations of the helmet. What was your experience?
    Thanks so much, and congratulations on the book release. We find your story very inspirational.
    - Karl / Seattle USA

  4. Hi Karl
    Great that you got the book - many thanks.

    I originally had a small screen on my t100 here in the UK and knew I'd need one for the us road trip but didn't realize how much due to the severe rain/storm conditions - EagleRider provided a small Triumph screen but to be honest I had nothing to compare it with - it was fine just needed to keep my head done when doing +80 mph! Yes there was definitely turbulence and felt like the wind coming from the trucks at those speeds was shaking me up a bit. I was also wearing a half full helmet which probably didn't help had I used a full face helmet - I guess the bottom line is keeping streamlined and keeping as low as possible at those speeds.

    Have a great trip and if you get a chance to add a review that would be cool too ! Ride safe Zoë