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Monday, 2 January 2012

“...and they brought him Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh”

And the wise man said “The Seller has travelled!”.

Yes he was right; I remember clearly – my travels in the Far East weighing the yellow 24ct earrings from the gold markets in Hong Kong and Bangkok, a hallmarked piece from the traders in Hatton Garden, a gold ring from Tiffany’s in New York to what I thought at the time was a trendy 14ct gold nugget ring from China Town in Frisco!   And all kept in a box doing nothing.

So Christmas brought me unexpected money for the trip.  The markets may be topsy turvy but as they say gold rarely looses its’ value particularly at times like this.  Family members said why not take any items you don’t want and see what’s offered at our local jewellers!   They were right – it was a good time to sell!
I love the idea that I’ve traded and sold gold sourced from exotic places to help fund the trip – gold is still a commodity - wild, basic and intrinsic to the pioneering spirit of the trip. 

I’m already excited and very positive about this New Year! 
Even the Bonnie started up today without any problem ....

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