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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Prelude ...

Life is an adventure but sometimes it's not always easy or possible to do what we want .... here's the story on how I'm trying to make it happen to make an exceptional trip across America  ...

I've always ridden a scooter, mostly when living in Paris, but I took the big decision 3 years ago to take the BIG BIKE test ... I passed and immediately bought the love of my life, a 2nd hand 2003 Green and Gold T100 Triumph Bonnie ... just 4 weeks on I went on my own over to Boulogne sur Mer, France on the speedcat boat  but so scared the bike would break down or I wouldn't cope just stayed close to the docks and probably didn't go further than 10 miles down the coast ! 
The morning in leaving I couldn't start the bike and thought I'd never get back already wanting to call emergency services - I carefully thought it out and realized I hadn't turned the fuel switch back on (unlike modern bikes) and hey presto I was back in action !
I continued with a good friend from Merton Bike Mechanics College (thanks guys you were great in teaching the basics of bike stuff) to travel again to France - this time across the North coast - must have done at least 400 miles and then down around the Cornish coast and another trip around Wales.  All this wanting to clock up mileage with a big thought ..... A BIG TRIP ACROSS AMERICA ... why ? 

2012 is a big birthday for me and I want to do something BIG ... will tell you more later ...

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