Thursday, 20 July 2017

Zoe's new book now out 'Chilli, Skulls & Tequila'!

"Zoe adds hot chilli & spices to her stories, creating a truly mouth-watering reader's feast with her new book - Chilli, Skulls & Tequila -"

It's official! My newest book, 'Chilli, Skulls & Tequila - Notes from Baja California', Mexico is now available and can be signed and dispatched out worldwide through my website 

Join me once more on my intrepid trips, this time on an eclectic and bohemian journey I took last year through Baja California, Mexico, discovering fascinating unique places and amazing people. This time I take to the wheel in an old truck that creates its own quirky adventures, scary moments and one off experiences.  Along the way I also contemplate the pros & cons of whether I should have motorcycled down this intrepid peninsula.

This is the third non- fiction travel book and part of my adventure trilogy 'on the roads less travelled' including Bonneville Go or Bust and Southern Escapades. 

Looking forward to sending you signed copies for you or your friends and family. Happy Travels! x

'Zoe is the kind of traveller you'd want by your side, whether navigating in the middle of nowhere, communicating with people along the way, or simply observing the stranger social aspects of a place. Without a doubt she brings her own unique insight.'

For more details, to obtain the new book and book signing schedule across the UK this summer on my customised T100 cafe racer

Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Road of Life moves on .. Buying my books & blogs go to my new website

Unbelievably, I started blogging my story and unknown journey on how to 'live dreams' here exactly 6 years ago in April 2011. 

So much in my life has changed with 2 massive biking road trips, handing in my 9 to 5 job last year, getting 2 books published 'Bonneville Go or Bust' & 'Southern Escapades' and travelling the country on my faithful T100 Bonneville signing books (and convincing people that they can also live their dreams), that I'll be moving my blog stories to my new website

Signed books can also be purchased including details on the events I'll be attending -

Stories and news 'on the roads less travelled' will continue.  Some recent ones include a cover story from Triumph and a London radio interview -

'Just Women' Radio Surrey - Interview

Lastly, I wanted to share something special with you. 
Last week, a 5***** 'verified purchase' review appeared on Amazon reviewing 'Bonneville Go or Bust' ....
"They broke the mould when they invented Zoe Cano. 
The story of an independent & feisty woman on her 'Bonny' out to find herself & America.
As Lady Gaga says 'Some women choose to follow men, & some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up & tell you that it doesn't love you anymore'
A must read."

Happy Travels.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

2015 'Dreams can come true!' An incredible & unbelievable year!

So how can so many life changing things happen in just 1 year?

January - World acclaimed graffiti artist Bethany Smith from Australia inspired by my story went on to create a special wall piece for Triumph Jack Lilley. 
And, oh yes, on the first day back at work, I handed in my notice with no job to go to & just enough money to keep me going for a few months!
February - Mayhem book signing at ExCel MCN Bike Show with Triumph - what a buzz!
Wonderful intrepid explorers Sam Manicom, Austin Vince & Chris Scott!
March - And then a table reserved for me up at The Ace Adventure Day!
And I was starting to write my second book 'Southern Escapades' of the journey last October through the Deep South on another Bonneville!

April - A chance meeting with Alan, intrepid engineer who ended up working on my bike transforming it to a cafe racer and doing all my mechanics over the summer. Thank you!

Little photoshoot with Jack Lilley Triumph - 2 girls swapping their bikes Bonneville & Explorer & seeing how they compare.

May - The first of (which I didn't realise at the time!) 35 events I'd be invited to book sign 'Bonneville Go or Bust' up & down the country! This is at The Ancient & Modern Motorcycle Show in Withington, Herefordshire.

So this is how the Bonnie originally looked like 
.... Before and after with the British Custons leather seat and small side lights. A beauty & just in time to show it off at the increasing number of shows I was going to.

Triumph kindly invited me to appear on their main stand at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling in Peterborough. Great fun with just a few of the people jumping on the bikes!

Finished May with the Kempton Park Southern Classic Bike Show. Thanks Eric!
And oh yes, the Classic & Road Bike Show in Bracknell.  
And this just the start!

June - Mark from the Ace Cafe kindly invited me to the Triumph Day where eggs and bacon were sloshed down with lots of tea!

Then there was the Glory Years TOMCC in Medway, Chopstock High Wycombe, a visit to the Hedon Helmets workshop where I was kindly given a couple to use for the trips!, the Overland Show Great Missenden (where I met the legend Ted Simon, signing books next to each other!) & the Hanworth Classic in Bushy Park - phew! I was starting to know how to sign books & natter away😜

July - snowballing is maybe not the correct term in mid summer but this was what was happening with attending more and more shows. Camping was starting to have to show up on the radar with my first exploit at the Independence Rally Alford, nr Guildford where these cool cafe racers just turned up!

Then a little posher at 'Simply Bikes' Beaulieu where I somehow got myself and the bike into the museum!

And the articles started appearing throughout the summer including page spreads in Adventure Biker, MSL Magazine, SE Biker & Nacelle Triumph owners mag ...

But in addition to the signings I was concocting a massive trip with Adventure Peru for 2016 for a small group to travel with me on the roads less travelled next September. Just ask me for the full itinerary & costs -
The Staffordshire Bike Show up in Stoke-on-Trent was fab with the kindest welcome. And it's there too we broke the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of Triumph bikes on the move - over 300!

And hey on the way back eating sarnies on my bike in a motorway stop off look who came to snap a pic of me - yes Will Young;)!

Riding down from Bexley Triumph Owners meet, the weather turned and the day at the Bexley Moto Fest was an unfortunate washout. Next to the sea the tent was almost blown away!

August - a wonderful month starting up in Llangollen for the fab Llanbikefest. Incredible scenary and the ride back over the Welsh mountains under blue sunny skies on a Monday morning I'll never forget. Got to be the best work commute!

And then the next weekend, it was off to the famous Bulldog Bash! Truly amazing! Thank you for the welcome & looking after me and the bike!

Unfortunately I had to leave the Bulldog early to race over to Stilton for the Stilton Bike Show but not disappointed- the music was right next to me!
Then back on the road and to the circus, no sorry, the Ramsgate Sprint Revival where great classic bikes were going down along the sea!
A fun day at the Ladies 'Bring what ya run' up at The Ace. And yes they liked the Biltwell glittery helmet! And another world record set for the largest group of women and their motorbikes!
Back up to Northampton for the Northants Bike Show - thanks boys at the TOMCC & Stu for your hospitality.
Oh geeez, where am I now? Oh yes, the cool, hip Custom show in Cheltenham in the glamorous town hall of all places! Spectacular!
Back down south to Wings & Wheels with Brooklands and yes, more camping but now making sure I had wine and plenty of food packed away in those new side bags!

Another tea at The Ace with Dave who's organising the Peru trip next year.

September - Classic Hill Climbs were a feature this month firstly with the Shere Hill Climb in Surrey and then the historic Shelsley Walsh Bike Festival on the Herefordshire borders!

Thank you to Rev'it Netherlands, who I met earlier in the year at Bike Shed Paris who designed and produced a special jacket for me with my wings of freedom and heart of passion logo 'on the roads less travelled'
The sun was still shining at the Pistons & Props weekend show (yes more camping!) in Northampton.
Beautiful Art Deco buildings at the shows aerodrome with more signings & welcome from the Northants TOMCC.

October - There's always a first time and this was going to Ipswich. And the summer felt like it was still here! Great, fab show The Copdock and all for charity, even staff volunteer! Really impressive. Thanks for the invite to come back in 2016 - I definately will!

And who wouldn't say no to a bit of sea air and experience Brightona with the guys from Peru Adventures. Our pitch must have had the best view of the pier!
Believe it or not the very next weekend I was back north again at the Stafford Classic Bike Show and generous hospitality from Ken of the TOMCC where I signed on their stand - brill!
Then it was back to lovely Kempton Racecourse for the Jumble Sales and the very next day to the South of England Classic in Ardingley where I was honoured to be signing next to the racing legend, Jim Redman MBE, six time Grand Pric world champion road racer.

December - what a year! And to round it off what could be better to celebrate it in London with style at KickBack Chelsea (www.thecustomshow) where I officially launched my new book 'Southern Escapades'
Just a few months previously I'd been asked by Lorne of the famous & highly acclaimed Custom Shows to help launch KickBack Chelsea and the interest was phenomenal. Sold out within 6 weeks! A special lifestyle section was also created and a unique art show where I curated some of the best artists around including these 2 beauties below by Brett Breckon 'Cafe Racer Night Ride' and 'Little Queenie'. And next year? Well the show has got bigger and moves to Olympia in London!

'Southern Escapades' published in the USA by Road Dog Publications can be obtained also directly through me.
If not already mentioned, a big thank you for all those kind people who invited me to an amazing 36 events up and down the country in 2015 covering it exclusively on my Triumph T100 (those who know me, know I don't have a car just those loyal 2 wheels!) & more than 10 000 miles! 
What a year - it has to be one of the best ever. That decision to leave the 9 to 5 job was without a doubt one of the best!
It's been a true honour to meet so many wonderful, like minded people out on the road this year. 
And what is next? Well I don't know exactly but I'm simply just going to work hard on what makes me happy. Freedom of the road book signing (a great number of shows already lined up - more to follow!), more writing & maybe some interesting travels next year! So I'd betta sell a lotta books 😉!
Happy New Year to you all and may all your dreams however small or big come true including health, happiness and inner  peace.
Zoe x